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Aluminum Wire & Cable

HWC stocks a full line of aluminum wire and cable. We have the inventory and expertise to assist you with any overhead or underground transmission and distribution wire and cable needs. We also keep a broad product offering of aluminum building wire on hand in our distribution centers across the country. There are no minimum order quantities (MOQ's) or cut charges. We proudly offer same day will call service, next day air delivery, and next day shipping.

Overhead Transmission & Distribution

Primary Overhead Transmission

If you have short spans or do not require a high breaking strength, all aluminum conductor (AAC) can be an affordable option. AAC is also desirable in coastal areas due to its homogeneous (all aluminum) construction, which is naturally corrosion resistant.


If you have a longer span or have an area prone to high winds, ice, or other environmental factors an aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR) should be utilized. A steel core (solid or stranded) will be surrounded by layers of aluminum 1350-H19 alloy to create an incredibly strong but lightweight conductor.


If you have short spans which require higher breaking strength than AAC cables and ACSR conductors are not required or suitable, then All Aluminum Alloy Conductor (AAAC) should be utilized. AAAC conductors are aluminum 6201 alloy for higher corrosion resistance and breaking strength.


Secondary Overhead Distribution

Secondary overhead cables are suited for use as drop cable from a pole mounted transformer to the service entrance of a structure as well as secondary distribution between poles. These cables are supported by the neutral conductor, which is aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR).

Aluminum Secondary Service Drop Quad

Aluminum Secondary Service Drop Triplex

Aluminum Secondary Service Drop Duplex

Underground Transmission & Distribution

Primary Aluminum UD

Primary underground distribution cables are suited for installation in underground duct or directly buried in earth. These cables range in voltage rating from 5kV to 15kV. They are offered with a full concentric neutral which has the same capacity as the center conductor or a reduced neutral with one third the carrying capacity of the center conductor.

Aluminum 15kV UD Full or Reduced Concentric Neutral

Secondary Aluminum URD

Secondary underground distribution cables are used to run power from a pad mounted transformer to the service entry or meter of a structure. The cables are rated for installation in underground duct or directly buried in earth. They are offered in single conductor, duplex, triplex, and quadruplex.

Aluminum Secondary URD Single Conductor, Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex

Aluminum Secondary URD Triplex 8000 Series

Building Wire

Aluminum Building Wire

Aluminum building wire has progressed by great advancements in aluminum alloys since the 1960s and 1970s. With the correct alloys, aluminum offers a lightweight, economical, and equally performing alternative to copper building wire. With metallurgists creating the current aluminum alloys that have similar metallic creep and other properties as copper, aluminum has made an outstanding and safe return to the building wire market.

Aluminum SER

Aluminum XHHW-2

Aluminum RHH/RHW/USE-2

MC Feeder Cable

Reduce labor and material costs in common branch and power feeder applications by eliminating the need to install a cable in conduit system. Construction options include three or four aluminum conductors plus ground wire under an aluminum interlocked armor rated Type MC per NEC article 330.

Aluminum MC Feeder Cable

Aluminum Cable Product Supplement
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Aluminum At A Glance Reference Guide
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