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Instrumentation Cable

300 Volt UL Type PLTC & ITC, 105°C
Single Pair or Triad
PVC Insulation
PVC Jacket
Copper Conductors

Catalog Number Size AWG Pair or Triad Insulation Thickness Mils Jacket Thickness Mils Overall Diameter Inch Net Weight Lbs/Mft
HW100 01801 18 1 Pair 15 35 0.25 33
HW100 1801T 18 1 Triad 15 35 0.26 41
HW100 01601 16 1 Pair 15 35 0.27 42
HW100 1601T 16 1 Triad 15 35 0.29 54


For use in instrumentation and process control applications where protection from electrostatic interference is not required. UL listed as Type PLTC and ITC and approved for installation indoors or outdoors, aerially, in conduits, ducts and cable trays in circuits not exceeding 300 volts. May be used in NEC Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations.


7-strand soft bare annealed copper per ASTM B-3, Class B stranding per ASTM B-8.


Flame-retardant PVC.


Sunlight-resistant PVC. A ripcord is applied longitudinally under the jacket to facilitate stripping.

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