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Communication & Control Cables

Houston Wire and Cable (HWC) supplies high performance telecommunication and communication cable and wire to electrical distributors, allowing the distributors to provide their customers with leading-edge communications cable. We stock an extensive inventory of communication wire and cable in our 13 distribution facilities throughout the United States including underground communications cable.

A communication cable is an electrical cable used to send information signals and is most commonly found as coaxial, fiber optic, data & ethernet, and twisted wire pairs.

Our tenured, knowledgeable staff is available to work with you to select the best wire and cable for your customers’ applications. They are technically trained and experts in communications wire and cable and have in-depth knowledge of our product line, to help you meet your customers’ requirements.

Types of Communication Cable:



  • High speed data transmission cables
  • Ethernet, coaxial, networking wires and cables
  • Telephone cables
  • Fiber optic cables
  • CAT 3, CAT 5, CAT 6 & 6A cables
  • Outside plant telephone cable, including direct and underground
  • Sound, security & fire alarm wire and cable
  • Computer Hardware
  • Networking Systems
  • Industrial Data Communication
  • Voice & Phone Wiring
  • Fire Alarm & Suppression Systems
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Signal Monitoring
  • Jackets:
    • Gray PVC
    • Black Sunlight-resistant Polyethylene
  • Conductors:
    • Solid Soft Bare Annealed Copper
  • Insulation:
    • CMR – Semi-rigid PVC
    • CMP – Semi-rigid PVC
    • Solid Polyolefin

HWC also specializes in hard-to-find specialty items. The HWC team is always concerned with filling customers' orders as properly and efficiently as possible. And if it's not in stock, HWC will get it- no problem! Get A Quote

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With over 30,000 products sold annually, Houston Wire & Cable provides its customers with knowledgeable market and product application experts, standard same-day shipments, 99.99% order accuracy and on-time delivery, and 24/7/365 service.