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Duckt-Strip™ Mini-Split Wire

Houston Wire & Cable (HWC) is the leading supplier of Duckt-Strip™ mini-split wire, a new kind of mini-split cable that provides a ductless mini-split A/C installer with everything needed in one cable through its Rip-n-Strip™ technology. One of the many benefits of this new mini-split cable technology is the ability to quickly strip the wire without using cutters, knives, or strippers which makes the process faster, safer, and most cost effective.

Duckt-Strip Supplier



  • Innovative Rip-N-Strip technology
  • No blade required
  • Safer to use than standard wire
  • One wire both covers interior/exterior compliance


  • Duckt-Strip is a Type UF-B (Underground Feeder Cable) that meets standards and compliances for ductless mini-split installation

    Standards & References

  • Underwriters Laboratories Standards
  • UL 2988, Universal Hybrid Power and Signal / Control cable
  • UHPS/C
  • ASTM-B3 and ASTM B8
  • Federal Specification A-A-59544
  • ASTM-B3 & B8
  • ARRA 2009; Section 1605 "Buy American" compliant




  • The only cable with complete end-to-end conductor isolation
  • Suited for in-the-wall and through-the-wall
  • The jacket is constructed with the patented Rip-N-Strip™ grooves for easier separation of wire(s) and removal of jacket


  • Conductors are covered with a gray and yellow, sunlight resistant, outdoor rated, direct buried approved, PVC jacket


  • Cost effective
  • Quicker installation

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