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Duralife Unshielded Fire Resistant Cable

DuraLife® FPL Unshielded Fire Rated Cable from HWC

HWC proudly carries the industry leading, standard-bearing DuraLife® FPL Unshielded Fire Rated Cable manufactured by Radix. With Radix construction and commitment to innovation, along with their proprietary insulation system, you can rest assured that wherever you need this level of cable – from a public stadium to a school to a hospital to hotel – you receive reliability and survivability where it counts.

DuraLife® FPL Unshielded Fire Rated Cable carries a wide array of hardware certifications so no matter what system your customers are installing, they can rest assured they are getting the best in class with Radix cable from HWC:

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Hardware Certifications for Radix DuraLife® FPL Unshielded Fire Rated Cable:

    • EMT Conduit --- Wheatland Tube FasTrak Plus*
    • EMT Couplings --- Hubbell-Raco or Halex
    • Compression Fittings --- Cooper Crouse-Hinds
    • NEMA 1 Splice Enclosure/Pull Box --- Cooper B-Line (Pull box size up to 12x12x4 for 16AWG and 14AWG. 10x10x4 for 12AWG. Splice box must be 8x8x4.)
    • Enclosure Set-screw Fittings --- Hubbell-Raco
    • Copper Off-Set Fixed Lug Connector with ¹/4-20 set-screw --- Penn Union (16AWG - 14AWG)
    • Mechanical Connector: Butt-type Crimp Terminal;  Plated Copper --- 3M (12AWG)
    • Pulling Lubricant --- Polywater J, LZ

At a Glance: DuraLife® FPL Unshielded Fire Resistant Cable from HWC:

    • UL 2196 Certified / UL 1424 Listed
    • FHIT & FHITC Systems No. 28A.
    • Low Smoke / Zero Halogen Design (LSOH).
    • Unshielded - 16AWG, 14AWG, 12AWG; 2-conductor.
    • Unshielded - 16AWG; 4-conductor.
    • Electrical Circuit Integrity System.
    • NEC Type FPL; for use in electrical circuit protective systems.

HWC’s DuraLife® FPL Shielded Fire Rated Cable Applications Include:

    • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
    • High Rises
    • Sports Arenas
    • Critical or Federal Buildings
    • Bridges, Tunnels and Transit

Compliance? HWC has you covered with Radix DuraLife® FPL Shielded Fire Rated Cable:

    • UL 1424 Listed FPL for Power-Limited Fire Alarm Circuits; 300V/90°C classified.
    • UL Certified to UL 2196 2-hour fire rating in FHIT.28A
    • ULC Certified for fire only under FHITC.28A. (12AWG and 16AWG 4/C only)
    • CSA Std. C22.2 No. 208-03
    • CSA Type FAS90, 300V FT1
    • Fire alarm circuit integrity, emergency systems, and healthcare facilities (NEC Articles 760, 700 & 517).
    • Meets National Fire Protection Code (NFPA 70 & 72) fire alarm survivability circuit requirements.
    • Suitable for 2-hr. certified fire-resistive applications in EMT conduit.*
    • Fire certified for Power-Limited system use at 50V and 72V phase-to-phase utilization voltages.
    • UL Listed File No. E-241484. UL Fire Directory R-21213.

*DuraLife® FPL products are not approved for use in RMC or IMC conduit systems

DuraLife™ FPL Unshielded

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