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Fiber Optic Cables

Houston Wire & Cable Company stocks Belden Fiber Optic cables including indoor, indoor/outdoor, outdoor, in loose tube and tight buffer constructions, ranging from 6-24 fiber counts.  

With the expansion of Ethernet in the industrial market, the use of Fiber Optic cable is expanding rapidly, not only in backbone applications but also in control level and device applications. The move to extended distance and high data rates has made the use of fiber a requirement in many applications. Fiber Optic cable also offers superior noise immunity and no electronic noise generation.

Houston Wire & Cable offers cables which meet the needs of protected as well as harsh environments including Belden’s TrayOptic construction. Cables are offered in OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4 Multimode fibers; as well as both standard and bend insensitive Single-Mode fibers. Composite cables are also available with both optical fiber and metallic conductors in them. 

Houston Wire & Cable features Belden’s TrayOptic® Fiber Optic Cables designed specifically for harsh environments that are indoor and outdoor rated and can be deployed in cable trays.

All TrayOptic® products utilize Laser Certified Fiber to handle Gigabit Ethernet light sources and any expanded bandwidth requirements, as well as water-blocking capability for moisture protection and burial application. TrayOptic® cable passes IEEE 1202/583-2003 flame test. CPE outer jacket option provides extra chemical or abrasion resistance. Heavy duty double jacket provides excellent crush and impact resistance.

HWC also specializes in hard-to-find specialty items. The HWC team is always concerned with filling customers' orders as properly and efficiently as possible. And if it's not in stock, HWC will get it- no problem! Get A Quote

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