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High Speed Data Cable Assemblies

Houston Wire & Cable (HWC) has continuously innovated its product line to reflect the needs of its distributors across the world. As such, HWC has become one of the largest providers of High Speed Data Cable assemblies. From high speed data transmission and telecommunications to disaster recovery and logistics, HWC’s product depth represents our goal to exceed the needs of customers in this category. From purely a need for high bandwidth to digital audio/video and 4K transmission to machine control and robotics, HWC carries the High Speed Data Cable your customers need.

HWC also specializes in hard-to-find specialty items. The HWC team is always concerned with filling customers' orders as properly and efficiently as possible. And if it's not in stock, HWC will get it- no problem! Get A Quote

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Industries We Serve

With over 30,000 products sold annually, Houston Wire & Cable provides its customers with knowledgeable market and product application experts, standard same-day shipments, 99.99% order accuracy and on-time delivery, and 24/7/365 service.