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HW060: Circuit Integrity Cable


Highly flame-resistive cable for use in high temperature environments where circuit integrity is required. Used for power, control and instrumentation circuits in iron, steel, glass, aluminum and refining applications.


  • 16 AWG – 10 AWG: 27% nickel-coated, soft annealed copper per ASTM B-355, Class K stranding per ASTM B-174


  • Pyro-stable, flexible elastomer system, mica/glass braid


  • Impregnated glass braid treated with a flame, heat, moisture and abrasion resistant finish with overall heat, chemical and UV resistant fluoropolymer jacket, 105°C LSZH TC-ER available

Flame Tests

  • Hydrocarbon Pool Fire Test - 60 minutes @ 1093°C/2000°F rise Temperature Curve 480V, 17A heat flux of (65,000 BTU/hr-ft2) per UL-1709
  • IEEE 383 Flame Test 2000°F, 2-hours @ 1000 V
  • IEEE 383 Flame Test 2000°F, 3-hours @ 480 V
  • UL 2196 2-hours Circuit Integrity Fire Test
  • IEEE 1202/FT4 Flame Test
  • UL 1685
  • MIL-W-25038 Fire Test, 2-hours

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HW060: Circuit Integrity Cable

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